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Batteries & Chargers

Vision Spinner 2 VV Battery 1650mAh

Vision Spinner 2 VV Battery 1650mAh

Price: 20.83
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The popular and reliable Vision Spinner 2 features an increased battery capacity, built-in battery power indicators and easy-to-use variable voltage functionality - all in a range of vibrant colours.Version 2 of the popular Vision Spinner, featuring a massive 1650mah capacity for increased time between charges.

The Vision Spinner 2 also comes with a rotatable bottom dial with stepped voltage adjustment of 3.3v, 3.8v, 4.3v & 4.8v - allowing you to adjust your Spinner 2 for your perfect vape.

Meanwhile, a built in power indicator lets you know at all times how much battery charge is left:

White: 60% - 100% charge

Blue: 30% - 60% charge

Orange: 0% - 30% charge

What's more, the Vision Spinner 2 incorporates safety features for your peace of mind. If a short circuit is detected, the battery will power off and resume once the circuit returns to normal. It also includes 5-click on/off protection, so you can carry it around without accidental firing, as well as 8 second cut-off for further protection.
Halo Evod 1100mAh Battery

Halo Evod 1100mAh Battery

Price: 8.33
In stock

The new 1100mAh Evod batteries are slim, lightweight and stylish with a much improved build quality. A large battery holding charge for an extended period of time, the Evod provides output of 4.2V - 3.7V (depending on charge) for a consistently effective vape - the ideal battery to keep with you when you venture outside or travel.

When you press the button during vaping, the colour of the LED light will reflect how much charge is left, as follows:

White = Approx. 100% or less

Blue = Approx. 50% or less

Red = Approx. 30% or less

When the LED turns red, it is time to charge the battery, though you may charge the battery prior to this.

The Evod battery can be easily switched on and off by pressing the power button 5 times in quick succession. For added peace of mind, these Evod batteries:

- come with built-in overcharge protection

- are fully tested

- are CE and RoHS compliant.

The Evod also come with built-in short circuit protection which shuts off the battery when there is a short circuit to prevent any damage.

Basen 18650 3100mAh High Drain IMR Battery

Price: 8.29
In stock

Introducing the Basen 3100mAh high drain battery. This is the latest high power, high drain offering from Basen. 3100mAh capacity, rated for 40amp pulse discharge, and suitable for the new generation of smart box mods.