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Grunge Off

Grunge Off Bong Cleaner

Price: 15.00
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Grunge Off Bong Cleaner 473ml

Grunge Off Bong Cleaner is an exclusive fromulation designed to cut through grunge andtar residues with ease, leaving glass bongs and pipes clean and scratch free, Due to the unique non abrasive formulation Grunge Off is a cleaning technology that protects your glass collection from tiny invisible scratches as it uses no grit or salt in its cleaning action.

Directions for Use

1.Pour over or soak affected and dirty items, smaller items should be placed into a GLASS container and allowed to soak.

2.Do NOT add water

3.Allow to soak until sparkly clean

4.Discard Grunge Off or safe for future use, you can reuse Grunge Off many times.

5.Rinse thoroughly with Warm Water

6.Always wash your hands after use.

By using Grunge Off regularly your pieces will become cleaner and nicer to smoke.

Please keep Grunge Off away from Children, harmful if swallowed.

Product Features:

Easy To Use

NO Scrubbing

NO Harmful Abrasives

NO Shaking



Alcohol Free


Green Optimum Glass Cleaner

Price: 14.00
In stock

Green Optimum Glass Cleaner 473ml

This exclusive formula with Advanced Technology Green Optimum formula cleans away the hardest-to-clean residue and helps bring your glass back to a sparkling shine. Formulated to work efficiently using the newest advanced technology. Green Optimum gets results in Optimum time!

Product Features

Formulated Exclusively for Glass

Easy to Use

Alcohol Free

No Scrubbing

No Harmful Abrasives




NON-Ionic surfactants

Propylene Based Grease Cutting Solvents

Coupling Agents