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Lockz Jars

Lockz Jars - Lockable Key Security Storage Jars

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Lockz Jars - Lockable Key Security Storage Jars

Lockz Jars are lockable storage jars, ideal for storing medicines, valuables or other items you want to keep away from children. The child-proof locking system means that the jar cannot be opened without the key, giving you the knowledge that your stash is safe and secure.

Lockz Jars are manufactured in California, USA from hard shell locking plastic. Inside the container is an Rx style medicine bottle with a child-proof, locking lid. The bottle can be secured inside the outer container by the use of a key on the base of the Lockz Jar. Lockz Jars are available in a variety of sizes from extra small to extra large. Each Lockz Jar comes complete with 2 keys.

Product Features

Lockable storage jar

2 x keys


Ideal for medicines and valuables

Lockz Jar XSmall Container - H-10.5cm D- 5cm - X-Small

Lockz Jars - Small Container - H-10.5cm D-5.5cm - Small

Lockz Jars Medium Container - H-10.5cm D-6.5cm - Medium

Lockz Jars Large Container - H-8cm D-9cm - Large

Lockz Jars XLarge Container - H-12cm D-9cm - X-Large

Lockz Jars XXLarge Container - H-9.5cm D-12.5cm - X-X-Large