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Myco Farm

Myco Farm Mushroom Growing Kit

Price: 17.95
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Spray Bottle
Hygiene Kit

Myco-Farm Mushroom Growing Kit and King Oyster Syringe.

This kit is designed for anyone to grow mushrooms at home. It has been designed to give the maximum mushrooms, with the least effort. No need for expensive sterilising equipment or extensive knowledge, just follow the simple instructions.

Included in the kit; 1x 650g bag of pre-sterilised grain with injection patch, 1x bag of casing layer mix (with new contaminant resistant polymer matrix) 1x humidity tent with perlite, 1x sterilising swab (for syringe and injection port on the bag).

This kit can be used to grow almost any type of mushroom. (Please note, the cultivation of mushrooms containing psilocybin is now illegal in the UK)

Possible yeids of between 400-800g fresh mushrooms, over several weeks/flushes. To get larger subsequent crops you will also need, a brand new (sterile) hand water sprayer/mister, and some water. (boil the kettle, allow to cool, fill your spray bottle)

Add a 500ml spray/mist bottle to your order for £2.50. We also have hygiene kits available with gloves, mask and sterile wipes.

Please note - These kits are only guaranteed to be sterile for one month after purchase, this means we keep limited stock to keep them as fresh as possible and kits should be used as soon as they are received.

Click here for growing instructions