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Puffco Pro Portable Dabbing Vaporizer

Puffco Pro Portable Dabbing Vaporizer

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Puffco Pro Portable Dabbing Vaporizer

Built on innovation and driven by consumer demand, Puffco was founded with the mission to bring the world a better portable vaporizer experience. We've combined our experiences with existing technology and what we've heard from consumers to engineer the next generation of portable vaporizer products. Comes with Temperature controlled battery, full atomizer set, charger, and carrying case.

Use; Waxy Concentrates, Soild

Product Features


No glues, no plastics and no fibres. The Puffco Pro leads the industry by having the largest ceramic chamber. This means you won’t have to refill every few pulls. The Puffco Pro has set the new standard#


The Puffco Pro’s battery allows for optimal control; click the cloud button five times to toggle on or off, and four times to cycle through its three color-coded temperature settings. [Low, Green; Medium, Blue; and High, Red


Designed to be as versatile as its users The Puffco Pro has a protective UV coating and a custom designed ceramic chamber. The Puffco Pro continues to innovate in form and function.