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Vaponic Vaporiser

Vaponic Vaporiser

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The improved version of the popular Vapbong.

Healthy and pleasant:

You’ll be able to extract substances of herbs by a stream of hot air, without combustion. The vapour you inhale contains everything a plant can offer, but you avoid exposing yourself and others to toxic combustion by-products and odours. It extracts a higher level of substances than any normal pipe, that’s why it pay’s for itself very fast.

Maximum Quality

True for vaporization and fabrication! The unique and patented construction of the device guarantees that the vapours are cooled down before they reach your mouth. Laboratory glass (Borosilicate 3.3), high quality silicone and filters (made of brass) make sure a long durability, easy cleaning and hygiene. Handmade and every single inhalator is checked for its quality and that it has been manufactured to perfection before being sold.

Useful, easy to use and fast!

Small, they fit in nearly every pocket and are sold at a reasonable price. Vaporize wherever and whenever you want and enjoy a vapour quality that usually only bigger and much more expensive domestic devices can achieve. Additionally your Vaponic is protected against damage and annoying questions by a case which seems to be just a normal marker.